Trupanion Pet Insurance

It is always sad when a pet owner has to make a decision on doing what is best for their pet based on money – worse yet when an owner is faced with economic euthanasia. Pet insurance has come a long way and now offers a great way for you to protect your pet’s health. We’ve done some of the research for you and one company seems to stand out: Trupanion® pet insurance. Trupanion has a great reputation, offers great coverage, and has different deductibles to help make your monthly premiums affordable. Trupanion will pay 90% of veterinary fees less your deductible! With most claims, you will know how much Trupanion will pay before you leave our hospital, taking the guesswork out of coverage when we use the Trupanion “Express” service, available only at select hospitals.

For those of you who enjoy digging deeper and doing some of the research yourself, there’s a great website we recommend you consider: This site is neutral and does a good job of presenting the facts about pet insurance and helpful ways to make informed comparisons between different pet insurance companies.

Special Offers

Trupanion has a FREE 30-day trial policy for pets under 14 years of age Sign up at our hospital immediately after your pet is examined by one of our doctors. No credit card needed for the 30-day trial policy. Your pet is immediately covered while you investigate purchasing a policy.

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