Thank you for your kind words!

We are extremely proud of the positive feedback we have received over the years from our clients for the quality veterinary medicine we have provided to our patients, as well as our strong commitment to our clients.

I have always had a very pleasant and positive visit at Wignall! They are very compassionate and love the animals. They are extremely helpful in emergency situations and make the pet parents feel more at ease. I always recommend this hospital to everyone!!

Deborah F.

Wignall is the best !! I’ve been going there for years. Dr. Thomas is amazing !! I couldn’t ask for a better veterinarian to take care of my dogs and cat !!

Cooper loves it at Wignall and we always feel like he’s a VIP there. When we’re away we never worry about how he’s doing. Thanks for that peace of mind!

I brought my dog in for a physical, as I have for 11 years, and have experienced gentleness and caring from the staff for my precious pet! Thank you!

Chuck H.

The staff is great. We love his doctor (Dr. D.) and the staff was polite and good to my baby. He is getting a bit older and they were very careful with him. I will always have this place for my pets.

Debbie N.

I trust Wignall with my babies even though you are far away and my cats get car sick. I know I won’t have any problems with surgeries or overnight care.

All staff is always very polite and willing to answer any question you may have.


We drive 2 hours just to use this veterinary hospital. All the staff are friendly and knowledgeable and the doctors are top of the line. We love this place and so do our 3 English bulldogs! We have been to so many other vets but none of them take care of our babies like the people who work here.

I moved to Dracut about 8 months ago & am so happy that I chose Wignall as my animals vet. I have 4 animals that go there 2 dogs & 2 cats & This office has been nothing but wonderful to them. Dr. Thomas is GREAT. She doesn’t pressure me into getting anything I don’t want to for my animals she just educates me which is what I really love. There boarding is wonderful my dogs stayed there for 2 days & I was very nervous I don’t leave them much, but Ashley talked to me about the whole process for about 15 minutes before taking them in I was asking a million questions and telling her my dogs personalities and she never made me feel like I was a bother & you can tell she truly loves what she does. I would recommend everyone to go to Wignall!

Tami S.

I love Wignall’s :)…. Everyone there is absolutely great and I am so appreciative of the service we receive there.

Had our first visit yesterday with our 14 month old English Bulldog and I am so Happy we changed to Wignall. Seen Dr DeMarco yesterday she was amazing. Took the time to advice us on so much for him. I am so new to the breed and the fact that she took the time to answer my questions set my mind at ease about a couple issues, took the time to show my the right way to flush his ears. It was an amazing experience and he was being a little bugger to everyone. Not a single person there would i have known if he was driving them bonkers they smiled and loved him and kept on trying to make it good for him and us……….I will be a lifer with you guys thank so so much.

Harley's Mom

We brought our cat Bishop in for his vaccines and annual visit. This was our first time here at Wignall- We saw Dr. Detelich. She was amazing- Bishop loved her which is a good thing because he is apprehensive about new people. She also spoke with us and made us feel comfortable about our Big Boy. I am very happy we found Wignall.

Samantha R.

I want to thank you and the people at Wignall Animal Hospital for your support that you provided this holiday season for our less fortunate families with animals in the town of Pelham. Your participation was so important in order for the Pelham Good Neighbor Fund’s annual Christmas Drive to be successful. It was great having you and Wignall Animal Hospital on our team and it is heartening to know that there are people like you and Wignall who are helping their community by contributing your time and money to help our neighbors in need, for ‘it is in giving that you receive.

Jeanne D.

I just wanted to take the time to write this thank you letter. All of you are wonderful, how much you understand about not only the animals you take care of, but the people who own them…there is only one more thing to say and that is that I love you all for the care that you have shown me and Harley, so to all of you, have a wonderful Thanksgiving and a very Merry Christmas.” (Harley was a handsome, 10-year-old Rottweiler who recently passed away.)

Harley's Parents

Chloe, an 11-year-old Siberian Husky, was struggling with the effects of arthritis. Chronic difficulties with mobility, comfort and simple things like getting up, sitting and laying required her to be on medication, but even then she was still struggling. Dr. Thomas recommended laser therapy as an additional treatment. Chloe’s dad shared some feedback: “The medication didn’t seem effective enough, and knowing the cost of laser as well as how soon I could see results, it made it an easy decision. By the third visit, it was night and day.” (She bounced back.) “There are several things I would tell [other pet owners], but first and foremost, if your pet responds like mine did, it is like you are getting a second lease on life on them, and you will see it in them every day. Holly, Kim, Lisa, Paulina, Dr. Thomas…pretty much everyone at Wignall is outstanding!”

We want to thank you for the many years of knowledge and unconditional love you showed him and us. The last year was tough for our family, but you always talked us through and went above and beyond. Thank you for helping us say goodbye to our furry friend. Toby was lucky to have you care for him. We will see you soon with a new dog to love.

Toby's Parents

Hunter’s mom and dad, Betsy and Ken, wanted us to know how happy they were about Hunter’s boarding experience here in April. They were so impressed that they called their daughter-in-law to tell her how wonderful everyone at Wignall is. She said, “Jolene [a client care specialist] was amazing at the front desk, and everyone obviously has so much love for the animals there.” They were extremely happy.

HUMANE CARE: I would like to give my thanks to the Wignall Animal Hospital in Dracut and all the staff for the continuous care and kindness to my dog, who I recently put down for health reasons. They are very caring to everyone’s animals.

Molly's Mom

Salem, a young kitten, was recently very ill and losing weight when his mom and dad brought him to Wignall Animal Hospital: “Dr. Colella was very knowledgeable about kittens and suggested he might have worms since he was never on a proper dewormer; he had only been given kitten Revolution, which was thought to be able to get rid of any bugs, even worms. She sent us home with a dewormer and some antibiotics, and within a night he was eating again. It’s been several days now, and he’s back to being a troublemaker. Thank you to the Wignall staff for saving our kitty.”

Great place, very friendly, exceeded our expectations, we were extremely satisfied with the staff and felt the doctor really cared!

As difficult as it is for us to leave Andie, we take comfort in knowing she is happy at Wignall with all her friends, and we look every day for pictures on Facebook. Thank you for giving us peace of mind when we need to be away from Andie for any period of time. We will be back and have referred you often.

I am writing this review to acknowledge the friendly, welcoming and comforting response my family received from everyone who worked in the kennel at Wignall Animal Hospital over Labor Day weekend. My family had never boarded an animal before, and when we were presented with an opportunity to travel as a family for the long weekend to a place that did not allow dogs, we were at somewhat of a loss. I was referred to Wignall by one of their employees, Kelsey Anderson, and we decided to give it a try. My mom, who is especially close with our dog, was extremely ambivalent about boarding her. When I arrived at Wignall on Friday afternoon to drop off our dog, Penny, I was greeted by a few girls at the front desk. They were all very helpful and patient as Penny tried to wander away from me while I filled out paperwork. Penny is a rescue dog that we adopted about a year prior to her stay at Wignall. She is a very timid dog and gets really nervous around lots of people and other animals. My main concerns for Penny were that she wouldn’t want to leave her crate and that she would refuse to eat or drink during her stay. When Kelsey came out to the office to take Penny back to the kennel, I expressed my apprehensions and she assured me that they would contact me if they felt that she wasn’t eating or drinking enough. While I was still a little uneasy about leaving Penny behind, I left feeling confident that if she was uncomfortable, we would be informed and I could come pick her up. Kelsey was not working on this particular weekend and truly went above and beyond her expectations as an employee at Wignall. She remained in contact with her coworkers and took time out of her weekend off to reach out to me and assure my family that Penny was doing well. Each time I received a message about Penny, I was excited to share it with my family as it put us all at ease. Kelsey even sent a couple of photos of Penny playing outside! It is very obvious that Kelsey and the rest of the staff at Wignall are all truly committed to their jobs and to the animals they care for. It meant so much to our family to stay in touch with the people caring for Penny and to hear she was doing well. While we don’t travel often, I am more than confident that if we are ever in a situation where we need to board a pet again, Wignall will be our first and only option. There was not a single negative aspect to our experience and I would absolutely recommend Wingall Animal Hospital with confidence.

Andrea L.

I want to thank you all so much for the great treatment that you gave my dog, Pooka, yesterday. I am sending you a picture of how he looked last May and as you can see, he has aged a bit since then. I will recommend your place to everyone as I am very satisfied with how he was treated.

Pooka's Mom

I call Dave the Dog Whisperer. He is very patient, and he explains how and why puppies do things and how we can change these behaviors. Dave was the best! We hope to join his agility class. I recommend Dave to anyone who needs to learn new puppy skills.” After training with Dave, Jake obeyed commands and was overall better behaved, and his mom learned how to understand her dog, learned new skills she was able to use and felt confident she could handle her dog better.

Jake's Mom

You guys are so amazing, and I can’t thank you enough for taking care of my ‘baby’ during the day!!  When I ask Charlie if he wants to go see ‘his girls,’ he starts wagging his tail (and butt) like crazy and starts whimpering. He loves all of you and I couldn’t think of a better bunch of sweet, kind, beautiful and caring women.  I want you to know how genuinely thankful I am for all that you do – I don’t think I would trust Charlie to go anywhere else.

Love, love, love this place! Been coming since 2005 and it’s by far THE BEST vet and kennel that I have ever brought my ‘kids’ to. From the front of the house, to the camp staff, to Dr. DeMarco (who is phenomenal by the way), I have found that everyone treats my dogs just as I treat them myself. Every time I tell the dogs (especially Mr. Big) that he’s going to ‘see his friends,’ he knows what’s up and gets super-excited! HIGHLY recommended :o)

My puppy goes here for daycare one day a week and I know he always has so much fun! He comes home exhausted which is odd for my EXTREMELY active Boston terrier. He can’t get in the car fast enough when I ask if he wants ‘to go play with his friends’! I feel very safe leaving him there. I would like to personally thank the daycare staff for putting up with my mile-a-minute pup!

Rylee loves it here. I especially love getting pictures of her at play. She eagerly waits by her leash EVERYday in hopes that it’s a ‘school’ day. Thanks for taking good care of her.

Thank you so much to you and your staff for taking such good care of our girl. She came home exhausted from all her play. This was our first experience boarding a dog at your facility. We will definitely board her again there. We are very happy with the care and attention she received.

Thank you very much for the wonderful report of Ginger’s stay at Wignall, and for all the great pics. I truly appreciate the fantastic care she received while I was away.

Thank you, thank you, thank you all so much, especially Dr. DeMarco and the kennel crew! I’m way out in LA and traveling for a few weeks so I could not be there when Pepper was being put down today :0(. So difficult, and I hate that I couldn’t be there, but my girls Heather and Sam are so appreciative for all that you did and for all the time you spent with them and Pepper. Sounds as if he was treated royally! We truly love you all and thank you for all that you do for Pepper, Mr. Big and Hannah. Please share for all to see.

I was very pleased with the customer service I received last week from Kristen [kennel/groomer supervisor]. This was the first time leaving Ravyn for any length of time away from our family. Over the course of the week, I received several e-mails from Kristen with pictures and news about how Ravyn was doing. This correspondence back and forth was great, and Kristen made me feel so much better about leaving Ravyn for the week. Much kudos to Kristen and the staff at Wignall for a pleasant stay. Ravyn will be visiting again and we have no hesitation leaving her in Wignall’s care!

Maggie adjusted back home better than she ever has after being at a kennel. We found your staff very helpful and truly felt Maggie was in good hands. We will definitely be bringing her back to your facility in the future.

Kevin and Michela

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