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Meet Emma Schneidkraut

Meet Emma Schneidkraut

Wignall Canine Training and Behavior Specialist

If you have a new puppy or are just thinking about adding a new puppy to your family; or if owning a better-behaved dog has been on your “To do List”, you have to meet Emma! Our new classes begin Wednesday, October 3rd. Sign up via phone, at the Front Desk or email Emma with any questions at Puppy and Basic Obedience classes will kick off our fall schedule at 5:30 and 6:30 respectively.

Have a dog that needs one-on-one attention to assist you and your dog to improve a problem behavior? Emma can provide one or more private sessions to get you to the other side of a problem at home or out in the world. Private sessions provide focused, individualized approach and are an economical alternative to group classes because progress can be accelerated due to one-on-one attention for the entire session. Private training sessions can also be scheduled directly through Emma at

Emma has had a passion for animals her entire life and is living the dream as a dog trainer! After rescuing a sweet, but traumatized dog, named Sugar, she dedicated her time and resources to Sugar’s rehabilitation. Her passion met career when she was accepted as an intern into the Behavior and Training Department at the Humane Society of Boulder Valley in Boulder, Colorado in 2011. There she worked on behavior modification of shelter dogs, one of the most difficult groups because of their history of trauma. From intern to full-time employee at the shelter, Emma has handled and managed dogs, as well as helped prospective pet owners find their best match dog through the adoption process. Emma is certified through the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers and is a Certified Training Partner through the Karen Pryor Academy and has taught and trained at the New Hampshire SPCA at a Training and Behavior Coordinator for the past three years.

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Our program includes:

At your home or in the world:

  • Private Sessions

At Wignall Animal Hospital:

  • Private Sessions
  • Group Classes

Group classes and private sessions are held at Wignall Animal Hospital. Current class offerings:

Puppy Preschool (Wednesdays January 9th – February 13th 5:30pm) This is a class focused on bonding with your puppy, socialization, and establishing positive foundation skills such as attention to name, sitting, waiting, and leash walking. We emphasize problem resolution and prevention as puppies become adult dogs. Intended for puppies age 2 months- 6 months, with age appropriate vaccinations. First class is a human only orientation.

Basic Manners (Wednesdays January 9th – February 13th 6:30pm) This class is for social dogs that emphasizes cooperative learning between dog and family. We work on practical manners such as attention to name, leash walking, and polite greetings. Intended for dogs 6 months and older up-to-date on vaccinations. First class is a human only orientation.

Call Wignall at (978) 454-8272 to register for classes or email Emma at with any questions or to schedule private training.

Personalized, professional dog training and behavior modification serving Massachusetts and New Hampshire, helping with the following:

  • Problem-solving
  • Behavior modification
  • Puppy training
  • Basic obedience and manners
  • Socialization
  • Reactivity/aggression solutions
  • Anxiety