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Meet Santa and Win Prizes at Santa Sunday!

Meet Santa and Win Prizes at Santa Sunday!

It is with great pride and excitement that we announce that our staff have chosen Lowell Humane Society as the Wignall Animal Hospital Santa Sunday Recipient 2016. Santa Sunday is an annual charity event run by our staff one day every year. Centered on the Christmas holiday and “pet photos with Santa”, the day is the end result of a 3 month-long fund raising effort by our staff.

Each year, staff choose an animal-related charitable organization to be the recipient of all the proceeds raised through this effort. The hospital covers all the expenses, the staff donate their time at the event as well as homemade appetizers and baked goods. Top off the afternoon with a professional photographer snapping photos of clients’ pets with Santa, add lots of holiday spirit and you’ll attend a truly fun and rewarding event. We work closely with several local shelters, rescues and animal control, therefore our staff see quite a bit of animal hardship. This year, they have chosen LHS because our staff have seen firsthand how their good work has helped thousands of pets get a second chance. Some of them—dogs, cats and owners–have heartbreaking stories which makes participation in their care even more rewarding for us as healthcare providers.

Celebrate Cats at our Meow Mixer!

Cat owners have a difficult task when it comes to understanding their feline family members because cats have this mysterious air about them that many people struggle to figure out.  Cats don’t go to daycare or play groups or cat parks or play times or socialization sessions.  They don’t get asked for cat play dates with other cats; and they don’t travel in packs or do tricks for treats. At least most of the cats we know don’t! Cats seem to have their own rules about life when it comes to what they will eat, when they will eat; who can pet them, pick them up or talk to them; and whether they will sit on your lap, sleep on your head or inside your closet.  In general, cats are nothing like dogs which makes them mysterious to most people!  Interpreting your cat’s behavior and language can be very challenging, but we have just the solution for all cat parents: Meow Mixer.  Our Meow Mixer is an informal gathering of cat parents to mingle with other cat parents, get free advice from an expert, enjoy some casual refreshments and learn more about your cat. We love cats—in fact Wignall Animal Hospital is an AAFP Certified Cat Friendly Veterinary Practice—and we find cats fascinating and fun.  Come spend some time with us at our Meow Mixer and you’ll see why.


Meow Mixer

Tuesday, June 30, 2015
Wignall Animal Hospital
1837 Bridge Street, Dracut


Tamara Pikulik, DVM, Chief of Staff
Our Team of Staff Feline Advocates

Meow Mixer is an informal evening created exclusively for our cat parents. Enjoy wine, light refreshments, Q and A with Dr. Pikulik, lots of great information about feline health, the free Pet Wellness Report for cats and how to more easily get your cat to the vet! RSVP below by 6/27/15, or by calling 978-454-8272

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Wignall and Dracut F.D. to the Rescue! 

JULY 3, 2014  DRACUT, MA–It’s the stuff that makes us all “Ohhh” and “Ahhh” when an animal is rescued and able to return to its natural habitat unscathed.  When a baby sparrow was retrieved from a storm sewer today by Dracut Fire Fighters, it was just another day on the job for them.  Client Care Supervisor at Wignall Animal Hospital, Amy Hale, noticed a pair of sparrows going in and out of the storm sewer over the past few days and thought they had most likely built a nest in the sewer.  Given the impending stormy weather over the July 4th holiday this weekend, she became concerned today about the welfare of the bird family, presuming that there were babies inside the sewer.  After consulting with Chief of Staff, Dr. Tamara Pikulik, Dr. Pikulik took a look and found no nest; but rather a fledgling sparrow perched on the side wall of the sewer, chirping away.  By the size and activity of the baby, it seemed that it had most likely been hopping around actively on the ground above and had fallen into one of the holes in the sewer grate.

Enter Dracut Fire Department.  Amy called the fire department and firefighters were dispatched to assist with the rescue.  After removing the sewer lid, they utilized a truck ladder to enter the sewer and deftly retrieve the delicate bird.  After administering fluids subcutaneously and performing a physical examination, Dr. Pikulik released the baby bird to a safe place for his parents to find him!  Special thanks to the Dracut Fire Department, always there when we need them.

Dr. Pikulik routinely cares for dogs and cats, but also birds, reptiles, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils, chickens, ferrets, potbellied pigs and hedgehogs!

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Proud 2014 Sponsors of Lowell Spinners

Baseball season has begun and we are thrilled to announce our sponsorship of the 2014 Lowell Spinners season. We have paired together to bring you tons of family (and animal) fun all season long, to include: Bark in the Park on July 27th, where the Lowell Spinners welcome fans to bring their favorite four-legged friend to LeLacheur Park. Be sure to check out the Lowell Spinners 2014 season at for many other great promotions and events including: Star Wars Night, Pedro Martinez Bobble Head Giveaway and Fire Works every Friday night home game!

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