Our Care Commitment

Our entire veterinary team is committed to providing the very best veterinary care, services and products available in the Greater Lowell area. We pledge to stay on the leading edge of veterinary medicine technology; surgical, diagnostic and treatment procedures; behavior management and pet recreation; client and patient services and client financial services and programs. We pledge to treat your furry kids as if they were our own. You will notice five Care Commitment themes on your visits to Wignall Animal Hospital and Lowell Veterinary Clinic, which represent our commitment to you and your pets. These are: Preventive Medicine, Dental Health, Senior Pet Health, Weight Management and Client Education.

Preventive Medicine

Advances in human medicine have also enabled tremendous strides in veterinary medicine. The result is greater knowledge about animal development, the ability to prevent progressive and life-threatening illnesses and diseases and state-of-the-art monitoring and diagnostic equipment. Vaccinations, annual or bi-annual physical examinations, routine blood work, urinalysis, fecal testing and preventive medications all enable your pet to avoid damaging illnesses and diseases and/or be diagnosed in time to allow for early medical intervention. This reduces the likelihood of more damage later in your pet’s life.

Dental Health

The emergence of pet toothbrushing, dental check-ups, dental cleanings and tooth-healthy diets, treats and toys once came as a shock to pet owners. As we become more aware of the health risks associated with poor pet dental health, we encourage you to avoid costly and painful dental procedures by providing good, preventive dental health care at home.

Senior Pet Health

Improved pet diets and progressive veterinary care allow pets to live longer and healthier lives. This means that senior pets (seven years old and older), just like their human counterparts, require special attention and a different approach to health care. Joint pain, diabetes, urinary disorders, weight management issues, dental health issues and thyroid disorders are some typical senior pet health issues that we address in order to provide the highest quality of life as possible.

Weight Management

Many of us do not realize the health risks and complications that come with being an overweight pet. An overweight pet is more likely to develop diabetes, kidney disease, heart disease and joint problems. We offer weight loss programs, special diets and support from our veterinary staff.

Client Education

A cornerstone of our practice is providing the opportunity for our clients to learn more about their pets’ health and care. Our Client Education Center is filled with educational information, and we host free client education events year-round. We want to be the place our clients go for all veterinary information needs, and we invite you to utilize the education options available at our hospital. We welcome your suggestions for anything that would provide better client education at Wignall Animal Hospital and Lowell Veterinary Clinic.