Client Testimonials

We are extremely proud of the positive feedback we have received over the years from our clients. We believe this feedback showcases the quality veterinary medicine we have provided to our patients and our strong commitment to our clients. Below are a few testimonials from our clients. We would love to hear about your experience with us, too. Please fill out our client testimonial submission form, and let us know how we are doing.

  • “Wignall is the best !! I’ve been going there for years. Dr Thomas is amazing !! I couldn’t ask for a better veterinarian to take care of my dogs and cat !!”
  • “Cooper loves it at Wignall and we always feel like he’s a VIP there. When we’re away we never worry about how he’s doing. Thanks for that peace of mind!”
  • Chuck H. says: “I brought my dog in for a physical, as I have for 11 years, and have experienced gentleness and caring from the staff for my precious pet! Thank you!”
  • Debbie N. says: “The staff is great. We love his doctor (Dr. D.) and the staff was polite and good to my baby. He is getting a bit older and they were very careful with him. I will always have this place for my pets.”
  • “The staff is great. We love his doctor (Dr. D.) and the staff was polite and good to my baby. He is getting a bit older and they were very careful with him. I will always have this place for my pets.”
  • “I trust Wignall with my babies even though you are far away and my cats get car sick. I know I won’t have any problems with surgeries or overnight care.”
  • Ken says: “All staff is always very polite and willing to answer any question you may have.”
  • “We drive 2 hours just to use this veterinary hospital. All the staff are friendly and knowledgeable and the doctors are top of the line. We love this place and so do our 3 English bulldogs! We have been to so many other vets but none of them take care of our babies like the people who work here.”
  • From Tami S.: “I moved to Dracut about 8 months ago & am so happy that I chose Wignall as my animals vet. I have 4 animals that go there 2 dogs & 2 cats & This office has been nothing but wonderful to them. Dr. Thomas is GREAT. She doesn’t pressure me into getting anything I don’t want to for my animals she just educates me which is what I really love. There boarding is wonderful my dogs stayed there for 2 days & I was very nervous I don’t leave them much, but Ashley talked to me about the whole process for about 15 minutes before taking them in I was asking a million questions and telling her my dogs personalities and she never made me feel like I was a bother & you can tell she truly loves what she does. I would recommend everyone to go to Wignall!”
  • “I love Wignall’s :)…. Everyone there is absolutely great and I am so appreciative of the service we receive there.”
  • From Harley’s mom: “Had our first visit yesterday with our 14 month old English Bulldog and I am so Happy we changed to Wignall. Seen Dr DeMarco yesterday she was amazing. Took the time to advice us on so much for him. I am so new to the breed and the fact that she took the time to answer my questions set my mind at ease about a couple issues, took the time to show my the right way to flush his ears. It was an amazing experience and he was being a little bugger to everyone. Not a single person there would i have known if he was driving them bonkers they smiled and loved him and kept on trying to make it good for him and us……….I will be a lifer with you guys thank so so much.”
  • From Samanatha R.: “We brought our cat Bishop in for his vaccines and annual visit. This was our first time here at Wignall- We saw Dr. Detelich. She was amazing- Bishop loved her which is a good thing because he is apprehensive about new people. She also spoke with us and made us feel comfortable about our Big Boy. I am very happy we found Wignall.”
  • From Jeanne DiRocco, PGNF Committee member: “I want to thank you and the people at Wignall Animal Hospital for your support that you provided this holiday season for our less fortunate families with animals in the town of Pelham. Your participation was so important in order for the Pelham Good Neighbor Fund’s annual Christmas Drive to be successful. It was great having you and Wignall Animal Hospital on our team and it is heartening to know that there are people like you and Wignall who are helping their community by contributing your time and money to help our neighbors in need, for ‘it is in giving that you receive.'”
  • From Harley’s parents: “I just wanted to take the time to write this thank you letter. All of you are wonderful, how much you understand about not only the animals you take care of, but the people who own them…there is only one more thing to say and that is that I love you all for the care that you have shown me and Harley, so to all of you, have a wonderful Thanksgiving and a very Merry Christmas.” (Harley was a handsome, 10-year-old Rottweiler who recently passed away.)
  • Chloe, an 11-year-old Siberian Husky, was struggling with the effects of arthritis. Chronic difficulties with mobility, comfort and simple things like getting up, sitting and laying required her to be on medication, but even then she was still struggling. Dr. Thomas recommended laser therapy as an additional treatment. Chloe’s dad shared some feedback: “The medication didn’t seem effective enough, and knowing the cost of laser as well as how soon I could see results, it made it an easy decision. By the third visit, it was night and day.” (She bounced back.) “There are several things I would tell [other pet owners], but first and foremost, if your pet responds like mine did, it is like you are getting a second lease on life on them, and you will see it in them every day. Holly, Kim, Lisa, Paulina, Dr. Thomas…pretty much everyone at Wignall is outstanding!”
  • From Toby’s mom and dad about Dr. Detelich and the Wignall staff: “We want to thank you for the many years of knowledge and unconditional love you showed him and us. The last year was tough for our family, but you always talked us through and went above and beyond. Thank you for helping us say goodbye to our furry friend. Toby was lucky to have you care for him. We will see you soon with a new dog to love.”
  • Hunter’s mom and dad, Betsy and Ken, wanted us to know how happy they were about Hunter’s boarding experience here in April. They were so impressed that they called their daughter-in-law to tell her how wonderful everyone at Wignall is. She said, “Jolene [a client care specialist] was amazing at the front desk, and everyone obviously has so much love for the animals there.” They were extremely happy.
  • Molly’s mom posted this comment recently in the Lowell Sun: “HUMANE CARE: I would like to give my thanks to the Wignall Animal Hospital in Dracut and all the staff for the continuous care and kindness to my dog, who I recently put down for health reasons. They are very caring to everyone’s animals.”
  • Salem, a young kitten, was recently very ill and losing weight when his mom and dad brought him to Wignall Animal Hospital: “Dr. Colella was very knowledgeable about kittens and suggested he might have worms since he was never on a proper dewormer; he had only been given kitten Revolution, which was thought to be able to get rid of any bugs, even worms. She sent us home with a dewormer and some antibiotics, and within a night he was eating again. It’s been several days now, and he’s back to being a troublemaker. Thank you to the Wignall staff for saving our kitty.”
  • Neo’s mom wrote us about her first visit with us and Dr. Detelich: “Great place, very friendly, exceeded our expectations, we were extremely satisfied with the staff and felt the doctor really cared!”
  • Andie’s mom and dad wrote us after a recent boarding stay: “As difficult as it is for us to leave Andie, we take comfort in knowing she is happy at Wignall with all her friends, and we look every day for pictures on Facebook. Thank you for giving us peace of mind when we need to be away from Andie for any period of time. We will be back and have referred you often.”
  • “I am writing this review to acknowledge the friendly, welcoming and comforting response my family received from everyone who worked in the kennel at Wignall Animal Hospital over Labor Day weekend. My family had never boarded an animal before, and when we were presented with an opportunity to travel as a family for the long weekend to a place that did not allow dogs, we were at somewhat of a loss. I was referred to Wignall by one of their employees, Kelsey Anderson, and we decided to give it a try. My mom, who is especially close with our dog, was extremely ambivalent about boarding her. When I arrived at Wignall on Friday afternoon to drop off our dog, Penny, I was greeted by a few girls at the front desk. They were all very helpful and patient as Penny tried to wander away from me while I filled out paperwork. Penny is a rescue dog that we adopted about a year prior to her stay at Wignall. She is a very timid dog and gets really nervous around lots of people and other animals. My main concerns for Penny were that she wouldn’t want to leave her crate and that she would refuse to eat or drink during her stay. When Kelsey came out to the office to take Penny back to the kennel, I expressed my apprehensions and she assured me that they would contact me if they felt that she wasn’t eating or drinking enough. While I was still a little uneasy about leaving Penny behind, I left feeling confident that if she was uncomfortable, we would be informed and I could come pick her up. Kelsey was not working on this particular weekend and truly went above and beyond her expectations as an employee at Wignall. She remained in contact with her coworkers and took time out of her weekend off to reach out to me and assure my family that Penny was doing well. Each time I received a message about Penny, I was excited to share it with my family as it put us all at ease. Kelsey even sent a couple of photos of Penny playing outside! It is very obvious that Kelsey and the rest of the staff at Wignall are all truly committed to their jobs and to the animals they care for. It meant so much to our family to stay in touch with the people caring for Penny and to hear she was doing well. While we don’t travel often, I am more than confident that if we are ever in a situation where we need to board a pet again, Wignall will be our first and only option. There was not a single negative aspect to our experience and I would absolutely recommend Wingall Animal Hospital with confidence.” Thanks, Andrea L.
  • Pooka’s mom wanted to thank us for his first exam with us: “I want to thank you all so much for the great treatment that you gave my dog, Pooka, yesterday. I am sending you a picture of how he looked last May and as you can see, he has aged a bit since then. I will recommend your place to everyone as I am very satisfied with how he was treated.”
  • Jake’s mom gave us this testimonial about our canine training and behavior specialist, Dave: “I call Dave the Dog Whisperer. He is very patient, and he explains how and why puppies do things and how we can change these behaviors. Dave was the best! We hope to join his agility class. I recommend Dave to anyone who needs to learn new puppy skills.” After training with Dave, Jake obeyed commands and was overall better behaved, and his mom learned how to understand her dog, learned new skills she was able to use and felt confident she could handle her dog better.
  • “Lowell Vet Clinic is neat, clean, well-organized and calm! The staff were very gentle and positive. Overall, the environment was great for Cody, and we both are happier with Lowell Vet Clinic as our new vet.”
  • Carol wrote: “You guys are the best!!”
  • Noreen wrote: “Awesome job, Wignall staff!!!!”
  • Lisa wrote: “The Wignall staff are very special people! Thank you for all you do!”
  • Knobby wrote: “I worked at Wignall many years ago when Dr. Frey owned the practice and for a few years with Dr. McGrath. I’m glad to see Wignall still does great things for fur babies.”
  • Amy wrote: “You guys are amazing. Such a blessing you all are to the families and their furry children <3”
  • Charlie’s mom wrote: “You guys are so amazing, and I can’t thank you enough for taking care of my ‘baby’ during the day!!  When I ask Charlie if he wants to go see ‘his girls,’ he starts wagging his tail (and butt) like crazy and starts whimpering. He loves all of you and I couldn’t think of a better bunch of sweet, kind, beautiful and caring women.  I want you to know how genuinely thankful I am for all that you do – I don’t think I would trust Charlie to go anywhere else.”
  • Lucky’s mom wrote to us this month about Dr. Kopec and our Lowell Veterinary Clinic staff: “As you could tell, it was devastating to lose my baby. Your empathy and kindness helped me so much, and Lucky was fortunate to be cared for in her final moments by such a wonderful staff. I cannot thank you enough.”
  • Mr. Big, Pepper and Hannah’s mom said: “Love, love, love this place! Been coming since 2005 and it’s by far THE BEST vet and kennel that I have ever brought my ‘kids’ to. From the front of the house, to the camp staff, to Dr. DeMarco (who is phenomenal by the way), I have found that everyone treats my dogs just as I treat them myself. Every time I tell the dogs (especially Mr. Big) that he’s going to ‘see his friends,’ he knows what’s up and gets super-excited! HIGHLY recommended :o)”
  • Wesley’s family told us: “My puppy goes here for daycare one day a week and I know he always has so much fun! He comes home exhausted which is odd for my EXTREMELY active Boston terrier. He can’t get in the car fast enough when I ask if he wants ‘to go play with his friends’! I feel very safe leaving him there. I would like to personally thank the daycare staff for putting up with my mile-a-minute pup!”
  • Rylee’s mom shared these compliments: “Rylee loves it here. I especially love getting pictures of her at play. She eagerly waits by her leash EVERYday in hopes that it’s a ‘school’ day. Thanks for taking good care of her.”
  • Sandy’s mom told us Sandy had a great experience her first time at Camp Wignall: “Thank you so much to you and your staff for taking such good care of our girl. She came home exhausted from all her play. This was our first experience boarding a dog at your facility. We will definitely board her again there. We are very happy with the care and attention she received.”
  • After a recent Camp Wignall stay, Ginger’s mom said, “Thank you very much for the wonderful report of Ginger’s stay at Wignall, and for all the great pics. I truly appreciate the fantastic care she received while I was away.”
  • Felicity’s mom told us Felicity has changed for the better since boarding at Camp Wignall!  Playing with other dogs while boarding was a dream come true, as her previous boarding facility didn’t allow it. She came home from Camp Wignall smelling fresh as a daisy, not like yucky urine, thanks to our long outdoor playtimes and super clean boarding kennels, and she’s been more social with other dogs since boarding at Camp Wignall.
  • From Pepper’s mom: “Thank you, thank you, thank you all so much, especially Dr. DeMarco and the kennel crew! I’m way out in LA and traveling for a few weeks so I could not be there when Pepper was being put down today :0(. So difficult, and I hate that I couldn’t be there, but my girls Heather and Sam are so appreciative for all that you did and for all the time you spent with them and Pepper. Sounds as if he was treated royally! We truly love you all and thank you for all that you do for Pepper, Mr. Big and Hannah. Please share for all to see.”
  • We’re lucky to be caring for Minnie, whose previous veterinarian was our affiliate Natick Animal Clinic! Minnie’s mom gave us a five-star top rating on her new client survey. Thank you Margaret!
  • Shelagh complimented our groomer, Tammy: “I just wanted to write to let Wignall know that the new groomer, Tammy, did a fantastic job with my seven-month-old standard poodle puppy, Percival.  She took a lot of time to consult with me about exactly what I wanted prior to the grooming and gave me very helpful tips that I can use at home. I was very impressed. She also spent even more time with me when I picked up Percival to show/explain everything she did. The cut was amazing (modified English saddle show clip) and it was meticulously done. I have many people exclaiming how beautiful he looks.  Great job!”
  • From Lauren, an after-school teacher: “I just wanted to say thanks for your resources page ( [I work] with a youth group where we have different activities for local kids. Near the end of October, we are having a pet care and safety event in honor of Animal Safety and Protection Month. Your page had some great pet information that we will be able to share with the kids. Thanks for all the help!”
  • Ravyn was a new boarder at Camp Wignall in August 2013: “I was very pleased with the customer service I received last week from Kristen [kennel/groomer supervisor]. This was the first time leaving Ravyn for any length of time away from our family. Over the course of the week, I received several e-mails from Kristen with pictures and news about how Ravyn was doing. This correspondence back and forth was great, and Kristen made me feel so much better about leaving Ravyn for the week. Much kudos to Kristen and the staff at Wignall for a pleasant stay. Ravyn will be visiting again and we have no hesitation leaving her in Wignall’s care!”
  • “Maggie adjusted back home better than she ever has after being at a kennel. We found your staff very helpful and truly felt Maggie was in good hands. We will definitely be bringing her back to your facility in the future. Thank you, Kevin and Michela.”
  • Marie e-mailed us: “Mabel is an older dog and keeps me company most days. I knew she would be a little quiet, but was sure she would be well taken care of [during her boarding stay at Camp Wignall]. I want to also thank Gina, who groomed Mabel after her boarding stay. It is very reassuring to know that all of the staff at Wignall have at least one or two pets. She was patient with her and provided before and after pictures. I know I wouldn’t take Mabel anywhere else!”
  • Melanie says: “I have nothing but great things to say about Wignall. Your team is truly amazing. When my Cooper had a urinary blockage, the receptionist was adamant about having me bring my cat in immediately (essentially saving his life), and you all took such great care of him for three days. Thank you for all you do. I’m a big fan!”
  • Leah commented on a recent survey: “Everyone is ALWAYS so helpful and they all really seem to love my furry friends. It’s nice to know that I can rely on such a nice group of people to take the best care of my animals.”
  • Priscilla recently told us: “I have always brought my pets to Wignall because you provide the best care. Keep up the good work, and thank you for the high level of confidence I have in your staff to take good care of Pepper.”
  • Lenore was recently in for her cats’ annual checkups at our Lowell Veterinary Clinic office and wanted us to know: “I had forgotten how nice, friendly and competent the medical team was/is. They took the time to answer all my numerous questions without making me feel foolish and explained everything in detail. I was very pleased with the thoroughness of the exam and the treatment both my cats received. Thank you for making this a pleasant experience for all of us. I had a great experience even though I was fearing the worst. Keep up the good work. I will definitely recommend you to others.”
  • Dr. DeMarco has been a Wignall Animal Hospital veterinarian for 10 years. Known affectionately to some as the “bulldog doctor,” she gets rave reviews: “Dr. DeMarco is excellent and I feel that Sophia is in good hands.”
  • Dr. Thomas is another a favorite veterinarian. A client wrote us: “Dr. Thomas is wonderful! Always treats Bella like her own pet and helps us with all our questions. Never makes us feel rushed, she takes her time and explains everything.”
  • A long-term client of the hospital made this comment to us: “Most veterinarian practices are knowledgeable but few actually treat patients as if they were their own pets. I have been bringing my pets here for the past 18 years, and I have been extremely satisfied with the care, patience and expertise of this team.”
  • Helene wrote us on a survey in January 2013: “I have had lots of contact with Jason, Jen and Amy at the reception desk. They have always been pleasant to deal with. On a couple of occasions, Jason has gone the extra mile to provide me with info and answer questions. I always enjoy getting e-mail photos of my dogs while they are in daycare. I hope that you will continue with that practice. While we have always been satisfied with the care we receive at Wignall, we absolutely love Dr. Detelich. She has always gone above and beyond in answering questions and explaining issues. She has always taken the time to make me feel better :)”
  • From a recent hospital visit: “Gerry is a senior dog with many issues, particularly with his ears. The staff is caring and tries their best to be gentle with him when treating his ear issues.”
  • Didi recently told us: “I would not return if there was even one thing I didn’t feel was right, but every problem we have had with our pets has been handled with care. We usually see the fabulous Dr. DeMarco. She loves my pets as though they were hers, but when we can’t see her, every doctor has been excellent!!!”
  • “All we can say is that we are thankful that we brought Zoe in when we did and she is back to her happy, bouncy self. The antibiotics are working and that’s the important thing for us. Thank you for your care and compassion during her visit.”
  • “Dr. Detelich has been our vet for many years. She previously cared for our beloved dog, Oreo, before his passing last year. It was one of the most traumatic and overwhelming experiences I have had to endure in my life. Deciding to put Oreo down was devastating. Dr. Detelich was amazingly compassionate, kind and gentle. She kept checking on me, keeping me informed every step of the way, and even offered to talk with my six-year-old daughter about the experience should she have any questions. Baffled, I said to Dr. D, “how do you know my daughter?” I had forgotten about one single time, several appointments and many months/year earlier that I had brought my daughter in to one of Oreo’s appointments. Dr. D remembered her from that one visit (she remembered my daughter was obsessed with Scooby Doo, even wearing her Scooby jammies to the appt.!). She makes you feel as though your pet is her pet. Fast forward to a year later. We adopted a ten-month-old puppy from a shelter and brought him in for his first physical (of course, we had to have Dr. D!). As usual, she was amazing. My daughter, now 7, came to this appointment wearing, what else? Her Scooby jammies! Dr. Detelich took the time to share a bit about Oreo to acknowledge she remembered him! She even told my daughter that she still had a drawing hanging in her office of Oreo, which my daughter made for her at the time of his passing. She is amazingly sensitive and caring. She included all members of our family in the education of the needs of our new dog. We never feel rushed. She explains things in a very clear, easy-to-understand way. She is amazing. We simply adore her. We also had a few occasions in the past to deal with other docs in the clinic and they, too, were wonderful to deal with. We do, however, have a special place in our hearts for Dr. D for getting us through one of the most challenging times in our lives! All the office staff, techs, groomers, camp counselors and docs are amazing! We feel very blessed. Thank you all so much. Thanks, Dr. D!!!! The Renny Family!!”
  • Catherine, a new client in October 2012, told us: “We are new to the area and are looking for a vet for our dog and cat. We found Wignall to be responsive to our last-minute call for an appointment. The doctor was very pleasant, informative and took the time to explain some of my dog’s issues, including problems we did not come in for. Based on our experience, we would continue with Wignall.”
  • Pat and her cat, Luke, recently told us: “All of the staff, front desk and technicians are kind, caring, knowledgeable and friendly. Great team. All the doctors are outstanding, caring and compassionate. My pet has a special bond with Dr. Detelich and she cares deeply for him.”
  • To Dr. Detelich from Fluffa’s family: “Thank you soooooo much for helping us save our sweet kitty. You are a hero. We all thank you tons, from Sadie, Tommy, Deb and Tom.”
  • Al wrote us about his recent visit: “I liked having the TV playing info on senior animal care. Well done!! The waiting room is always clean and inviting…way to go!! My dog is very scared coming for his appointment. I fully trust Dr. Detelich and appreciate how she comes out to explain the exam.”
  • Heather and Jupiter recently came in for Jupiter’s exam at our Lowell Vet Clinic office: “All involved are friendly, involved and concerned with the health of my dog, Jupiter, above and beyond their roles in the practice. I never think any decision is entered upon lightly or for the profit of the office. The relationship I have with Dr. Kopec and Janine and Kim is wonderful, and it shows in the easy-going attitude my dog has during visits.”
  • Karen wanted us to know that our Lowell staff and Dr. Kopec are “knowledgeable, helpful, understanding. I trust and appreciate their work.”
  • On a recent survey, Amy Beth commented, “You guys are pros at multi-tasking and being super friendly at the same time. A woman was in training while I was there and she was great! I stay with Wignall because my cats have been treated extremely well and with consistency, from kitten to death and everything in-between (surgery, shots).”
  • Joyce passed on this feedback in August 2012: “The care Dr. DeMarco and Kristen give to my pets as well as the way they treat the pet owners is just excellent!! I can’t say enough about the two of them.”
  • “The staff show they really care about animals, and they treat our pets like they are a part of our family. Floyd really likes the attention he receives!”
  • From Tracie: “Just wanted to let you know that Dr. DeMarco is fabulous. We love her!”
  • Heidi wrote, “I love the openness of the reception area, and the natural light from the skylight window. It was very comfortable. Everyone that I came in contact with was very pleasant and professional, even over the phone when I had first called to make my kitty’s appointment. I was extremely pleased. The doctor that I saw was wonderful!!! She talked me through many concerns I had regarding all my kitties and was so kind and thoughtful. She answered all (and many more) of my questions regarding the kitty that I brought in, ranging from her weight to her eye (the reason I had originally brought her in). I was pleasantly surprised by her caring nature regarding my cats and the completeness in which she answered my questions. Thank you so much for a wonderful experience. My old vet’s office had made me so weary about bringing my cats to the vet, and I just want to thank you for putting all such worries out of my mind.”
  • “Love Dr. DeMarco and the whole team. They treat Tabitha TOO well:)”
  • “Wignall has the best client care I could hope for in a vet clinic. Everyone knows our Mulder, loves him, says hello, takes the time to talk to us and answer questions. Our family loves it there. Mulder is never scared around the staff or doctors. I wouldn’t trust him going anywhere else. Great care. He’s never scared to go in, the doctors and nurses are all super gentle and answer all the dumb questions we have. I wouldn’t have him go anywhere else. Plus we always get the results the next day. Amazing care!!! The Conlon/Tenney Family loves Wignall!!!!”
  • A new client, Walter, told us on his first visit that he couldn’t think of one thing we could improve upon. He said we are “A-1 with your care and compassion toward us and MacDuff!”
  • Michelle wanted us to know that “the staff is friendly, informative and helpful. Everyone is courteous, and I appreciate the quick responses when I call for results or to make an appointment. Thank you!”
  • Audrey told us on a recent survey, “I would not bring my pets to any other clinic. You people are the best!”
  • About our Lowell Veterinary Clinic client care specialist, Jeanine: “She was friendly, professional and took great care of us.” And “Dr. Kopec and the staff treated BooBoo like an old friend, not just an animal coming in for care. I really felt that the staff was sincerely interested and didn’t rush our visit!  My visits have been great, and I will be using the new client referral cards to refer my friends.”
  • Leslie shared this about our Lowell Veterinary Clinic staff: “Keep up the good work you do. You are great with what you do for us and pets!”
  • Judith told us on a recent survey: “Customer service has been outstanding. Love the e-mail/call reminders. Very thorough, very efficient. We are very happy we switched.”
  • Sharon, a long-term client, told us: “Sometimes I ask for a more medically in-depth explanation of my cat’s issue because I happen to have a medical background. All information has been made available to me and the doctors are more than willing to share whatever they know with me. Bonnie M. and Dr. Brown recently helped me with a very upsetting task in a dignified and compassionate manner…all staff I came into contact with during the decision making process were very caring and supportive.”
  • Martin wrote to us on a recent survey that our client service was fantastic: “They were calling for me before I was even in the lobby! You all showed you genuinely cared. While I was traveling, you called me and kept me updated and calm. I appreciated it greatly. You guys ROCK!”
  • New clients Rosemarie and Anthony think we are much better than their previous vet: “There is nothing to improve on. Everything is very good!”
  • What is it like if you have never been to a veterinarian before? Peter told us that: “Dr. Detelich was very clear, explained everything in detail, gave me plenty of time to ask questions and made me feel like she really cared about me and my pet.” That’s what it’s like here!
  • Julia told us on a client survey, “I used to go elsewhere, but going to a full-service vet that knows my family and all our pets is worth it! My mom has been a customer forever. Everyone is wonderful! Friendly and helpful! Love Dr. DeMarco and Dr. Detelich!”
  • Nessie’s mom recently had lots of nice things to say about Dr. Thomas: “Thank you so much for helping us out. We really needed you and you came through for us as usual. Please tell the Wig staff that we are grateful for their great care!”
  • A 15-year client, Carolyn, says, “I have been coming to Wignall since the ‘old’ building. No matter which pet, it has been the staff and doctors who have always been there for me and my pets. My family loves Wignall!”
  • “Awesome service! Everyone cares for all animals, and it shows,” wrote Peggy.
  • Comments from Rich: “I find your staff excellent and extremely friendly and professional.”
  • Long time client, Joan, said: “Have been coming here for 18 years. The doctors and staff are incredible. When my first two pets passed away, they were especially wonderful and caring. I will always recommend this animal hospital for anyone who truly cares about their extended family members.”
  • Dr. Pikulik got kudos from Cassie: “Dr. Pikulik has been our vet for our two cats. We love her dearly and cannot say enough about her and the staff at W.A. Hospital.”
  • About Dr. DeMarco, Laurie wrote: “Love Dr. DeMarco, she spent a lot of time with us!”
  • Maggie gave us five stars and said when she was recently moving to New York: “We completely appreciate your awesome service and care. We will be sad to see a new vet in NY!”
  • More kind words from client Bing: “Wignall Animal Hospital is one-of-a-kind! Especially when it comes to its people! Thank you!”
  • Alexina told us on a survey: “The staff is very friendly and attentive. They truly care about the animals they care for. A special thanks to Jenn, Kristina, Erin and Dr. Kate Thomas for all they do!”
  • A compliment about our staff and our ability to accommodate our clients from Louisa: “The service is excellent, and we were able to get an urgent appointment on short notice today.”
  • Carol recently wrote, “We have been coming to Wignall for over 10 years and wouldn’t think of going any place else. Our cats are so well cared for!”
  • A new client, who is a first-time pet owner, recently visited our Lowell office. Dr. Kopec was “very helpful and genuinely concerned about the state of my cat. She developed a detailed plan for his long-term care. She was easy to talk to and listened to all my concerns. I found the staff to be very professional and caring. I knew my little guy was in good hands!”
  • Jessica told us our team is “wonderful! Very kind and understanding.”
  • Maggie, a new client, thoroughly enjoyed her new client tour of the hospital. She told us it was a fantastic idea and “makes a ‘mom’ happy to know her baby is being well taken care of when he’s here and I’m not!”
  • Theresa gave us five stars: “I greatly appreciate your long-term staff, like Jenn. They make me and my pets feel at home. Also, they understand my situations. Thank you so much!”
  • Marilyn gave us a five-star rating. “You were very comforting and pleasant, as always!”
  • Jodie told us in June 2011, “Thank you for your friendly disposition to us all! We enjoyed our tour of the hospital!”
  • More doggie daycare compliments from Sue: “Duke loves daycare! I love the pictures of him that I receive!”
  • Buddy’s mom told us, “Buddy has had a tough year and the staff have been so great to him. Special thanks to Dr. DeMarco.”
  • Christine wrote us: “Hunter and I love it here!”
  • Melvin and Ernie’s mom told us, “Melvin and Ernie love their friends at Wignall. They always get love and hugs!”
  • Lori told us that our staff are “always a pleasure! Helpful, accommodating and friendly.”
  • About doggie daycare at Camp Wignall: “Bella absolutely loves her time at doggie daycare. She gets supreme treatment! I couldn’t be happier. Keep it up!”
  • Sookie’s mom says, “The staff at Wignall took great care of Sookie and she’s healing well! Thank you!”
  • Losing a pet is a painful experience for all pet parents and families. After Louise recently experienced this, she wrote us: “Thank you for your help and expertise. You were all so kind and humane. It is heartbreaking for a pet owner to have to make the final decisions. You showed compassion for me and my cat; you understood! I feel much gratitude and respect and I will never forget it.”
  • Teddie is a cute little four-and-a-half-year-old Yorkshire terrier who was recently groomed by Stephanie. His day at the spa included a custom haircut, special shampooing to get his coat super clean, hair conditioner, blow drying, ear cleaning, nail trimming and a clean-up blow-dry. Teddie’s mom, Christine, LOVED how he looked and said: “This is the best grooming he has ever had!”
  • Bert, Ernie and Babi’s dad LOVED the way Stephanie groomed them recently. His compliments included that it was the “best grooming they had ever had!”
  • Milo the cat e-mailed us thank you for the e-birthday card he received from us just in time for his birthday: “Thank you soooooo much for the lovely birthday card. Yes, today is my birthday.”
  • Maria Marie’s mom, Theresa, thinks our staff is “beyond helpful! I don’t know what I would do without you guys!”
  • Anne, Monique’s mom, wrote to Jason: “Your DVD of all the animals was INCREDIBLE. The music was beautiful.” This is in reference to My Best Friends III, the 2010 version of a client/staff pet DVD tribute produced by Jason Theriault, our IT staff.
  • More kudos for our Dr. Pikulik: “I am ever so grateful for her kindness! I have referred Wignall to so many people!”
  • Joani Winn wrote us: “You guys are great! The whole staff that I dealt with was absolutely wonderful and caring. I believe they are in there because they love what they do. It shows. I was impressed enough that I wanted to write a personal thank-you to Dr. Detelich and Candas, who kept me informed of Gable’s progress and answered many questions with concern and tact. Thank you!”
  • Finding veterinary care for exotic pets, such as a birds, can be very difficult. On her first visit to see Dr. Pikulik with her bird, Lise found that she “…enjoyed the atmosphere much better than previous vets. This was my first vet experience with my bird and I was very impressed and felt very comfortable. The avian vet was awesome! Our bird was scared and she was able to calm her and explain everything clearly to us. Thank you!”
  • On a client survey in September 2010, Janice wrote: “I moved to Beverly in 2006 and eventually tried two different vets in the area. I’m back at Wignall though, as I couldn’t find anyone as good!”
  • Lucy’s mom told us that Lucy came home from boarding and grooming looking great thanks to our kennel staff and our groomer, Michelle.
  • Fred and Kathy sent a card to the entire staff: “[We] want to thank everyone for always taking wonderful care of our Mittens! Your care, warmth and empathy was something we will never forget.”
  • Don and Ann said, “Her [Shadow’s] final years were much better by your excellent care, and will always be appreciated.”
  • Kelly and Rose wrote us of their “…sincere gratitude for the professional staff at Wignall Animal Hospital. Our puppies have received care from veterinary services as well as grooming and boarding, and we are thrilled that all of our experiences have been excellent. We’ve already used the boarding and services of Jolene and her staff twice this summer and have been thrilled with the level of care shown on each occasion. The staff has always been incredibly courteous and has shown great care in handling all four dogs, each of whom have their own personalities and quirks. Management has been very accommodating of our schedule and has been flexible to meet our needs. Overall, Wignall is a great environment for us and our canine tykes. Thanks for the peace of mind!”
  • Sue, a long-term client, wrote us in August 2010: “Can’t thank you [Dr. Pikulik] and the staff enough for thinking my pets are just so special. As you know, they get the best of everything, including top-notch veterinary care…it’s always heartening to know that they had such an impact on you and the staff. I appreciate it more than I can say.”
  • Melissa, a new client, recently wrote us that “Dr. Thomas was so thorough. She really took the time to answer all of my questions and was great to [my dog]! I had a list of questions and she patiently and thoroughly answered every one, making sure I understood. She was just amazing and really spent time with me. She’s great at what she does and I will absolutely be returning!”
  • Ann and Peter recently wrote to our Lowell Veterinary Clinic staff: “I wanted you to know how much we appreciate the wonderful care you always provided and your dedication to [her] well-being.  Peter and I have been very impressed by your follow-up calls after her visits (our own physician does not do that!). Your kindness during this time will not be forgotten and your professionalism and warmth made a difficult time a little easier to bear. You and your staff are to be commended for the good work that you do and you are all a blessing to anyone who has a pet.  We do intend to bring another cat (and maybe a dog) into our home at some point, and we will certainly want whatever pets we have in the future to be in your care.”
  • From a recent new client whose dog boarded with us for the first time: “The best I have been to. I was very happy with your service and, most of all, my dog was happy also, and that meant a lot to us. Thank you so much. You will be seeing a lot more of us.”
  • About Dr. Thomas and our staff: “I switched veterinarians because someone referred me to you. Now I can’t even imagine ever going back to my previous vet, but I will definitely recommend anyone I know with a pet to go to Wignall. I asked a lot of questions and Dr. Thomas answered every one of them. I felt like all the staff were nice and caring.”
  • “To all the staff at Wignall: My husband and I want to thank everyone for their kindness during our kitten’s recent visits. From the girls at the front desk to the three doctors who treated her, we were treated so kindly and trusted that she was getting the very best care possible. Everyone went above and beyond to help her (and us!) and we appreciate it so very much. We have been telling everyone we talk to with a pet to bring them to you because Wignall Animal Hospital is the best pet care facility around! We have brought our cats to you for several years for general checkups, end-of-life care and acute illness. Thank you all for your professionalism and personal care for our furry kids.”
  • “There are so many of you who took care of Peanut over the years–I honestly can’t thank you enough.”
  • After Santa Sunday, a charity event held at Wignall Animal Hospital, a client wrote us: “I would like to say thanks for the DVD [My Best Friends 2009 produced by Wignall Animal Hospital employee Jason Theriault]. It is so well put together. Also a thank you for your time. A thank you to all the Wignall staff for the very nice Santa Sunday. I have never been to a veterinary hospital where such things are offered as you offer there. As a newer patient, Cisco and I would like to say how pleased we are in changing to Wignall.”
  • From a new client visting for the first time: “I had a wonderful experience there and I hope I will be able to come back in the future–other than just when my pet is sick! Dr. Pikulik had a good tone in her voice (when she spoke to me about my turtle) and I could tell that she was knowledgeable about turtles.”
  • “We want to thank you all for the great professional and personal care you always showed to our old friend, Buddy. Special thanks to Dr. Pikulik, Bonnie, Jolene, Suzanne, Jason and Jessica–all of you who always made a point to say hello or ask about him. Buddy says thanks for all you do for ALL the animals!”
  • Kathi sent Dr. DeMarco a beautiful card with this sentiment: “I just wanted to express my thanks for the lovely way in which you treated Sasha at the end of her long life. You had great sympathy and kindness for both of us on that difficult day. She had been a patient there for over 20 years and was treated wonderfully by everyone through the years.”
  • When Kori visited us she wrote us, “I was very happy with the care and service we received and will definitely recommend you.”
  • One of our pet patients, Change, even sent us a card: “Woof! Woof! Woof! (It means ‘Thank you so much for the pet ID card!’)”
  • Dr. Pikulik received these kind words: “We would like to thank you and your staff at Wignall for being so accommodating and caring during our time of need. Everyone was so patient and helpful during this difficult process. Most importantly, Jake was made comfortable upon our arrival which we cannot thank you enough for.”
  • From Susan and Patrick on a beautiful card that read: “This comes to tell you thank you and then to tell you, too, the world’s a better place because of people as nice as you! To all the Wignall staff, we would like to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”
  • Amy, Jacky, Sue and Bruce wrote, “Thank you for being there for me. You took good care of Cody. Thank you for being a great friend.”
  • Leslie recently wrote us that not only were our receptionists good about taking the time to explain her visit’s charges, but that while we are her first veterinarian, “all I heard while I was looking for a vet for my kitten was great things about Wignall, and then I went to see the place and I got a good vibe.” The vet was “…great, she took the time to answer my questions with a new pet and I also got a good vibe from her.”
  • Theresa recently stopped in to tell us in person that every time she comes into the hospital, our staff are always so nice to her. She loves coming here. Her positive experiences have been with all departments of the hospital–our receptionists, veterinary technicians, groomers, veterinarians and kennel technicians.
  • The Guiding Eyes For The Blind wrote: “I just want to take this opportunity to thank you for the care for Harmony. We are so grateful for your time and generosity! Guiding Eyes for the Blind was founded in 1954 to enable blind and visually impaired people to achieve greater independence and freedom through mobility and dignity with the assistance of a trained guide dog. Although the cost of preparing a blind person and guide dog for their new life together is upwards of $40,000, there is no charge to the students. We depend solely on individual, corporate and foundation support.  Conscientious veterinarians such as yourself [Dr. Kopec at Lowell Veterinary Clinic] who donate veterinary expenses incurred by pups in need help us to achieve our important mission of supplying healthy, intelligent guide dogs to visually impaired individuals. Thank you!”
  • Peter and Phyllis recently wrote us:  “We especially would like to thank the staff and Dr. Pikulik for their compassion and care of Brandy on her last day, and for taking such wonderful care of her.”
  • From Denise about her pet: “Thank you all so much for all the special care that you gave my cat, Puddy. Even Puddy was comfortable in her last days at Wignall. She knew we were all trying to make her feel better. Love you all.”
  • Hugs and kisses for the staff: “Thank you for making our boy, Pedro, comfortable. To all the staff, XOXOXO!”
  • Lindsey recently told us, “I am so happy I brought my pet to Wignall and nowhere else. Everyone was extremely friendly and helpful!”
  • Jen had this to say about Dr. Detelich: “She was awesome. SO nice and willing to listen. She kept asking if I had any questions and was willing to re-explain instructions. I was very happy with the service I received.”
  • Compared to a previous veterinarian she used, Liz gave us these comments about Dr. Thomas: “I was very impressed with the cleanliness of the huge waiting room. As I watched the regular patients come in, I could tell how happy they were (the patients and the staff!). The doctor did an excellent job with explaining and suggesting preventive care for my senior pet. She did a follow up call to me about blood work [which] impressed me a lot. She didn’t give up until she spoke with me personally. From registration to goodbye, each staff member asked if I had any questions. They were so professional and clear, I left without one!”
  • Tara says, “You guys are just awesome! Everyone has always been very kind to me and my family for over 19 years.”
  • Nancy says, “Your reception staff was excellent.”
  • About our client education, Shelby said, “I liked that you gave me information in print to further educate me.”
  • Nate was helped with a sick pet: “What made my experience so great was the fact that the veterinarian did everything in her power to help me and my dog. My doctor was absolutely great–she gave me all the facts and I knew instantly she was an animal lover. I was given plenty of chances to ask questions about my dog.”
  • Linda shared this: “Everyone is genuinely concerned and knowledgeable, and I feel I get quality care. I am looking forward to bringing my new puppy!”
  • On her recent visit, Loretta commented, “The promptness and clarity of the bill and fees was very professional. My dog was handled much better than my previous veterinarian and I learned that he needed dental care. I didn’t know that!”
  • About her older dog, Amy said, “They gave me as much info as possible. I also spoke to a doctor over the phone who was extremely helpful as well and gave me some great tips. [My dog] is doing well now and seems to feel great!”
  • A note for Dr. DeMarco: “Thank you so much for the kindness and caring and love you showed me for my pet. I wish that all doctors were like you! You are a very special doctor.”
  • “…The receptionist was very friendly and personable and I loved the way my bill/fees are itemized. I didn’t have to recap anything we paid for to my husband because it was all right there on the bill and the notes the vet prepared. Each time I have come in, I have gotten the same friendly service.”
  • “This is my first pet and I do have to say I loved Dr. Detelich and the technician I saw during my first visit. I was impressed by the way the technician handled my puppy and they both made my puppy feel very comfortable with them. Getting his first vaccines didn’t seem to phase him in the least!”
  • “I feel much more comfortable with you than my last vet because your staff showed me the list of procedures my cat needed and explained what they recommended.”
  • Karen O. had these compliments for our receptionists Kara and Erin: “I would just like you to know how pleasant and helpful Kara and Erin are whenever I come in. The atmosphere is postive and professional.”
  • Rebecca V. wanted to thank a few members of the Wignall Team: “We started visiting Wignalls this past year and Dr D and her entire staff are absolutely amazing! I spent a lot of time with one of the vet techs name Kim and she was so understanding and compassionate towards my financial situation in the well-being of my dog. I was able to get the treatment my puppy LUCY needed and financially work out a plan of action that worked for me!! Thank you everyone!”

Our professional groomers receive nice comments too!

  • “Just wanted to pass along a BIG thank you to Sarah for an outstanding dog grooming she did on our collie, Bailey! A real professional job. Bailey went in looking a bit weathered and came out looking like a show dog. Our first visit and *best grooming ever* but not our last visit, we’ll be back with Bailey for sure. Bailey was treated first class. Very happy with the entire experience.”
  • Dorothy told us she “loves Jessica” and thinks her dog now “looks great!” compared to other experiences she has had elsewhere.
  • Roger wrote, “The groomers were very friendly and helpful taking care of my rabbit. They worked together when needed to make the process go smoothly and they were very open to me asking questions.”
  • Theresa recently stopped in to tell us she was “thrilled” with how clean her dog was after being groomed by Jessica.

Campers and parents love Camp Wignall, our boarding and daycare facility. Visit Camp Wignall on!


  • Fenway and Truman’s dad wrote us about his dogs’ Camp Wignall stay: “I just wanted to thank you and your staff again for taking care of the boys last week. They returned home well adjusted and very happy. (And thankfully a little tired!) There’s little doubt in my mind that they thrive on the attention and interaction they have with all of you during their stays. That gives us peace of mind when we need to be away from home.”
  • Ollie’s parents told us: “Wignall Animal Hospital is an amazing place! We cannot say enough great things about the care our bloodhound receives. It starts with a greeting and a smile as soon as we enter, followed by many friendly staff saying ‘Hello!’ to me and my dog, Ollie. We started taking Ollie to Wignall at 12 weeks old and have not had one bad experience. He continues to attend daycare at Camp Wignall every Friday. We receive updates on his day as well as many pictures to validate his love for his fellow dogs and wonderful caretaker when we are at work. We also feel comfortable leaving him for many days when we go away. The staff caring for him provides us with the trust to assure all his needs are met. I believe he receives as good of care at Wignall as he does at home. We feel like saying ‘thank you’ just is not enough. We have and will continue to recommend Wignall Animal Hospital to our friends and family.”
  • Libby’s mom said, “Camp Wignall is not just a daycare for Libby, it’s her second family. For almost seven years she has been a regular at daycare and it still amazes me how excited she gets when she goes there. She is loved by everyone there and she loves them all back. I don’t trust many people with my dog but I trust all the staff at Wignall. I know they treat Libby as if she were their own. If Libby were ever to run away from home I know exactly where I would find her, with all her friends and family at Camp Wignall!!”
  • From Hunty Foo Foo’s family: “Thank you for treating Hunty Foo Foo like the princess he is! Lol! Seriously, you guys are the best! Would never go anywhere else!”
  • Jameson’s mom wanted us to know: “I can’t think of anything Wignall could do better to look after my little camper! I have been bringing my dog here for over five years and he can’t wait to get to daycare in the morning. He doesn’t even look back as he pulls the girls off their feet to get into the prep room! When I first had to face boarding him they could not have made the experience any easier for me. He was treated so well I wasn’t sure he wanted to come home. The staff even go that extra mile to settle a fussy eater by finding just the right snack! Thank you for all you do.”
  • Teddy and Ricky’s mom said, “Camp Wignall is great. My Teddy and Ricky have been going to daycare twice a week for years now, and they love it. And, I love that they get the exercise and socialization that they need. I also like that Wignall is open until 8pm on Monday, Wednesday and Friday which makes it convenient for me to pick up my dogs after work.”
  • Charlie’s mom told us, “Charlie absolutely loves all his girls at daycare and his friends who are usually five times his size! I wouldn’t trust anyone else to take care of him during the day – and it helps that they are extremely accommodating!”
  • And from Dukie Duke: “Duke plays with his friends every Friday!! He gets so much love in the prep room and loves the pools in the summer. …I love to get my pictures every afternoon.”
  • Theo and Cody’s mom said, “I cannot tell you how much I love Camp Wignall for my dogs. I have been bringing my two dogs here for several years and the most remarkable thing is the consistent care. They are not here every day or week but when they come they are always welcomed like family. Their daycare pages show the happy days these pets are so lucky to have. It is so comforting to know their medical records and likes and dislikes are all recorded and available. I would not leave home if it not were for the Wignall staff tending to our family members.”
  •  From Bijou’s family: “Camp Wignall is an awesome place. I am so glad I boarded my dog there while away for eight days. Since leaving the rescue shelter in August and being in my home for four months, I wasn’t sure how he was going to react, but Bijou received a lot of attention from the staff and other doggies. No doubt he will be back again. Thanks Kristen and Ashley!”
  • From Kelly and Rose: “We’ve already used the boarding and services of Jolene and her staff twice this summer and have been thrilled with the level of care shown on each occasion. The staff has always been incredibly courteous and has shown great care in handling all four dogs, each of whom has their own personality and quirks. Management has been very accommodating of our schedule and has been flexible to meet our needs. Overall, Wignall is a great environment for us and our canine tykes. Thanks for the peace of mind!”
  • “Thank you so much for sending us [a camp report card and photos of Zoey at camp]. It’s such a special touch. It’s wonderful to see Zoey running free without a leash or runner; She never gets to do that. Thank you so much for taking such good care of my baby:)”
  • “We would like to personally thank all of the staff at Wignall Animal Hospital for providing our dog with such great care during our vacation. We absolutely hate to leave our dog; she is like a child to us and we miss her terribly whenever we have to board her. I have been recommended to various other kennels in the past, however, it seems to us that Wignall provides the best deal AND truly cares for the pets while owners are away. I am so impressed with the service that we received and the care that Jema was given that I will never bring her anywhere else for a boarding stay. I know that here, she will be properly taken care of and watched as if she were owned by a member of the staff.  You deserve the praise, and I hope other people can see that choosing Wignall for boarding your dogs is definitely the way to go!! Thank you a million times for everything!! We will most definitely be bringing her back again the next time we need to board her!”
  • Special thanks from Gail and Steve: “To the kennel crew for helping care for our fine animal, whose life we all got to share for awhile.”
  • Matt wrote us: “I feel comfortable leaving my pup in the care of your staff when I have to board him.”
  • Steve and Marty e-mailed us: “I can’t believe some of the photos you have taken and given us. They are fantastic. Thank you for taking such good care of our dogs and for sharing a little piece of their ‘camp’ experience with us through the photos!”
  • After a recent boarding stay we received this thank you: “We are always a little nervous leaving them [two dogs] for a week, but knowing they are in a safe and comfortable environment where there are people like you make us feel much more comfortable. We are confident sending them on their vacation, which will really allow us to enjoy ours without worries.”

Pet dental health:

Pretty Kitty
Pretty Kitty recently had a dental procedure at the hospital. Her mom was very concerned about Pretty Kitty when she brought her to Wignall the day of the surgery, but she told us our veterinary technician Sarah put her completely at ease because she “was wonderful explaining the procedure and instructions for how to care for Pretty Kitty at home.”

Nosey Rosie Stary
Miss Nosey Rosie is a nine-year-old, black-and-white domestic short-haired cat whose dental grade has ranged from grade II to III over the past two years. When her mom, Laura, had Nosey Rosie’s teeth scaled, cleaned and polished, Nosey Rosie was one of the very, very lucky kitties whose dental grade improved, even after being graded so poorly. She passed her preanesthetic screening–which is important due to her age–and she managed her post-dentistry recuperation like a champ! Nosey only needed one extraction, another bonus! Mom Laura was glad she had gotten the cleaning done when she did because one of her previous kitties had health issues due to her poor dental health. Laura’s advice to other cat moms: “Get dental cleanings done when they’re recommended. It’s important and you appreciate it especially if you’ve had a cat with bad teeth and health problems!”

Daisy Shemchuck
Seven-year-old Daisy, a spunky Calico, received a dental grade of II from Dr. Pikulik at her annual senior examination this fall. Her mom, Anne, noticed that Daisy was not eating dry food–sometimes a sign that a pet is in pain–therefore she was not surprised when Dr. Pikulik recommended a dental cleaning and possible tooth extractions. But Daisy sailed through her dental procedure, in spite of having some teeth extracted, and recovered quickly. What did her mom notice after the dental cleaning and extractions? Daisy was eating dry food again and eating more food overall! Anne’s advice to other pet parents: “I definitely recommend teeth cleanings for your pets!”

Trinity McKechnie
Trinity is a beautiful nine-year-old calico cat, whose teeth were given a grade III at her annual physical examination by Dr. DeMarco. Because Trinity is a senior cat (over seven years old), special care was taken to check her overall health via blood tests to rule out any reasons why Trinity potentially shouldn’t undergo anesthesia. She passed her predental testing with flying colors, had a complete set of dental radiographs taken to rule out any unforeseen dental issues and had a complete dental cleaning, scaling and polishing! Although she has some advancing gum disease, no tooth extractions were required this year. With good daily toothbrushing, a good dental diet and regular checkups, Trinity is off to a good start. Her mom reported that Trinity bounced right back with no eating or behavior changes after her dental cleaning. Her recommendations to other pet parents: “It’s worth the effort to get cats used to toothbrushing! It will save your pets discomfort and other health issues later on!” As the saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

Maxwell Gonzalez
Maxwell is a spunky five-year-old shih tzu who was recommended a dental cleaning early in 2011.  Maxwell’s dental score had gone from grade I to grade II over the course of a year. His mom became concerned because the doctor could see that dental disease had begun. She wanted Max to be healthy and hadn’t realized that dental disease, even in a younger dog like Max, could effect his overall health.  Her recommendations to other pet parents: “It is important to have good dental hygiene and cleaning, so get your pets’ teeth cleaned like I did. I want my Maxwell to be healthy!”

willow-150x150Willow LaRochelle
Willow is a spry eight-year-old collie mix who has had her teeth cleaned every year since she was three years old. Her dental grade at age eight was grade II, which is outstanding for an eight-year-old.  Because she is a senior pet, she had her annual senior physical examination, as well as preanesthetic blood tests to ensure she was a suitable candidate for anesthesia. Her mom wondered if Willow needed her teeth cleaned this year because she had bad breath, an indicator of illness or dental disease.  After examining Willow’s teeth, Dr. Pikulik explained that Willow was probably in some discomfort and a dental cleaning was recommended.  She passed both her pre-dentistry tests and her dental cleaning with flying colors. How was Willow after her cleaning? Great! She was more active, playing more and even barked less often, all signs to her mom that Willow felt great!  And her mom had advice to other pet parents: “If you feel your pet needs it, do it! It’s worth it, and I would do it again!”

Lucy Fisher
Lucy Fisher is a seven-year-old dilute calico cat who recently had a dental cleaning. How did Lucy’s mom know a cleaning was needed? She noticed that Lucy was not playing as much and was eating less, therefore she wondered if she was in pain or sick. Dr. Pikulik’s exam confirmed the source of discomfort was Lucy’s teeth and gums, and she discussed the severe gingivitis and dental disease with her mom during Lucy’s annual senior physical exam. Lucy’s dental grade was grade IV, the most advanced stage of dental disease. After undergoing preanesthetic blood tests to ensure that Lucy could safety have anesthesia during her dental cleaning, Lucy came through her cleaning with flying colors. She had full-mouth X-rays before her cleaning, several teeth extracted, a complete scaling, cleaning and polishing. How did Lucy change after her dentistry? She was eating much better, which made Lucy’s mom feel she had done the right thing to get the dentistry done.  What would Lucy’s mom tell other pet parents: “Get teeth cleaned! It’s important to your pet’s overall health!”

Big Boy Fisher
Big Boy is a handsome four-year-old, grey-and-white tiger cat whose veterinarian, Dr. Detelich, recommended a dental cleaning. At his last physical examination, Big Boy’s dental grade was grade II.  Grade II dental health means that there are early, reversible signs of dental disease and a cleaning and polishing are required to start treatment. The only thing Big Boy’s mom, Carol, had noticed was that Big Boy had been dropping pieces of dry food out of his mouth at mealtime. Other than that, she had not noticed anything else warning her that Big Boy had early dental disease, which, left untreated, would become serious and painful. How did Big Boy respond to his clean, healthier teeth after his cleaning?  Mom Carol said, “He was super cat!  Extra playful with his companion cat, very snuggly and ‘purr-ful’ with his ‘person!'” She also noticed that he was no longer dropping food around his bowl, which meant neater meal times and no more worry. Carol’s advice for other cat moms and dads: “Dental cleanings are important! Dental problems don’t just impact the mouth, but the entire well-being of your pet. Happy pets equal happy owners!”

Hannah Doty
Hannah’s mom, Bendy, thought Hannah was due for a dental cleaning based on the smell of Hannah’s breath! She also noticed that Hannah was not eating as well. Both of these—bad breath and decreased appetite—can be symptoms of illness. In Hannah’s case, the cause was grade III dental disease. Hannah is an adorable, 13-year-old black dachshund. Because Hannah is an older pet, we took all the proper precautions by running a senior screen, which includes senior blood tests and a urinalysis. The tests give us a good overall picture of Hannah’s health and her capacity to handle anesthesia. She passed!  Her dental cleaning went smoothly; we extracted four diseased teeth and cleaned, polished and sealed her teeth. At her post-dental checkup, Dr. DeMarco gave Hannah’s teeth a grade I, the best possible score! How did Hannah change after having her painful teeth extracted? Bendy reported, “The next day Hannah was hunting for food, playing with her toys more and eating better!” Bendy’s advice for other pet parents: “Dental care makes the dogs like puppies again! Playful and happy!” 

Penny LaPointe
Penny, a three-year-old miniature Doberman Pinscher, had her teeth cleaned this year after Dr. Detelich recommended a cleaning at Penny’s annual examination. Dr. Detelich made the recommendation because she could see plaque built up on Penny’s teeth, and she gave Penny a dental grade of II.  A grade II means that there are early signs of dental and gum disease, and a cleaning is needed to bring the teeth and gums back to healthy condition. Fortunately for Penny, Dr. Detelich took a set of full-mouth X-rays, which revealed extensive bone loss for seven of Penny’s teeth! This was serious and could not have been seen without the X-rays. These teeth were extracted and the remaining teeth were scaled, cleaned, polished and sealed with Oravet®. Penny sailed through her next few days, wanting to eat hard crunchy food again, and Penny’s mom, Linda, couldn’t wait to get started with daily toothbrushing!  Linda’s advice to other pet parents: “I recommend you brush their teeth every day to prevent the need for extensive cleanings, and pets can actually enjoy brushings at home!”

Hunny Morgan
When Hunny, a frisky Jack Russell terrier, had her first exam at Wignall Animal Hospital this year, her mom, Alleah, was concerned about her bad breath. During her examination, Dr. DeMarco discovered part of the source: a cracked and infected tooth. Her dental grade was a grade IV. At least one tooth definitely needed to be extracted, but dental X-rays would tell the story about the rest of Hunny’s teeth. Once she knew the reason, Hunny’s mom realized that Hunny’s recent whining and depressed, out-of-sorts behavior might have been caused by dental pain. Hunny just had not seemed like herself lately. After her tooth was extracted under anesthesia, Hunny had an extensive dental cleaning, polishing and teeth sealing. She rested for a few days, then bounced back, playing more than ever! She was back to her old self again. Advice from Hunny’s mom about teeth care: “Stay on top of it now!”

cheska-150x150Cheska Michel
Cheska, aka Francheska, is a spunky little Pomeranian who came to Massachusetts via Nevada. While living out West, her mom, Lisa, learned about pet dentistry during a routine checkup. During an annual exam here with Dr. Kopec, she decided she should move forward with a dental cleaning because Cheska seemed to be in some pain when she chewed on hard treats. Dr. Kopec confirmed that a dental cleaning was in order. Cheska came through her dental cleaning with flying colors, rebounding back to normal in just two days, “running and playing like a mad woman,” according to her mom!  And, Mom reports, although Cheska had two teeth removed, she is eating like a champ and doesn’t seem to notice the removed teeth. Lisa’s advice for other pet owners: get a dental cleaning at Wignall Animal Hospital!

Tyson Winegar
Tyson is a rough-and-tumble boxer who loves to play, so in February when his mom noticed blood on a snowball he was playing with, she got very concerned. She knew he was due for a dental cleaning because she and Dr. DeMarco had discussed it, and she had noticed that he had bad breath lately, but she was worried by the blood. She immediately scheduled Tyson for an updated dental examination and cleaning. The good news was that Tyson did not have a mouth injury, but he did need three teeth extracted due to dental disease. Even better news is that he rebounded right back after a good night’s sleep, he has had no problems eating and is back to his regular old self again. His mom’s advice to other dog parents: “Keep up with cleanings to elongate your pet’s health!”

Gable Winn
Gable has been a patient at Wignall Animal Hospital for his whole life, like his other pet family members who have been Wignall patients for 20 years! After being hit by a car five years ago, Gable was treated at Wignall with hip replacement surgery and made a full recovery after his family thought he would never walk again. When it comes to dental care, Gable’s mom, Joani, said, “I thought he might have been in pain especially when he was chewing food. Now that I am more aware, I recall that he had started to develop bad breath and wish that I had been more attuned to the possibility of tooth decay.” Once Gable had his dental cleaning, and Dr. Detelich removed some growths on some of Gable’s teeth, Gable’s mom said, “He is now a different dog! He is back to being playful and is full of energy. He’s now playing with his squeak toys again and even played tug-of-war with our daughter’s dog, something he has never done before. This is a new dog!” Joani‘s advice to other pet parents: “If you put off a dental check for your pet because of the cost, then you will never know whether your pet is in pain, because they often don’t show it. I am now positive that he was in pain, because now he is a different dog!”

Hobbes Dumont
Hobbes’s mom, Debra, realized that Hobbes needed a dental cleaning when Dr. Kopec discovered that Hobbes needed some teeth extracted. Sometimes clients can be worried about a pet receiving anesthesia for a procedure such as a dental cleaning, however, Debra said, “Our dental technician was great. She was caring and thorough in all her explanations and photos [of Hobbes teeth before the cleaning and after]. We greatly appreciated her! And Hobbes did too!”

Once she had her teeth cleaned, and some diseased teeth were extracted, Remi was like “a new cat, a kitten again!” The change, they said, was “unbelievable!!” Her activity level after her dentistry was so dramatically increased because she felt better, and it made them realize how much discomfort she must have felt before, and how that discomfort had slowed her down. Two weeks after her dentistry, Remi was eating great, eating hard treats again and chasing a laser pointer and kitty zoomies! And she seemed to play with “so much gusto” compared to previously. Tom and Liz’s advice to other pet owners: Absolutely have dental cleanings done. “I should have started when she was a kitten, and if I get another cat, we‘ll start maintaining right away and having dental cleanings done on a regular basis.”

jake-150x150Jake Smith
Jake’s vet, Dr. Kopec, noticed tooth decay and recessed gums during a physical examination. His mom, Margaret, hadn’t realized that his drooling and odd-smelling breath were symptoms of dental disease, but when Dr. Kopec showed her his teeth, it all added up. Jake bounced back from his dental cleaning and loves his new Hills t/d® treats! The best advice Jake’s mom has to offer: “Be vigilant: observe and report any changes in eating habits, breath, saliva/drooling and interest in playing.”

Duke Sagro
Duke’s mom, Carol, recently had Duke’s teeth cleaned after Dr. DeMarco recommended it when she found that one of Duke’s teeth was loose. Duke was back to eating soft food the same day he had his teeth cleaned, in spite of having four teeth removed! Carol says that he’s bounced right back to eating and playing normally, and she confirmed to us that dental cleanings are important for Duke’s overall health. Carol now knows how to brush Duke’s teeth because we taught her how to do it. It only takes 15-20 seconds each day to maintain his clean and healthy teeth. The American Veterinary Medicine Association and American Veterinary Dental Society recommend daily toothbrushing to prevent dental health issues and maintain dental health in pets. Why did Carol decide to have Duke’s teeth cleaned? “Because Dr. DeMarco recommended it!  Dr. DeMarco has always taken such good care of Duke and always watches out for his health. I trust her.”

Jupiter Forsythe
When Jupiter visited Lowell Veterinary Clinic after his recent dental cleaning, his mom, Heather, told the Lowell Vet Clinic staff and Dr. Kopec, her veterinarian, that she has realized Jupiter’s teeth are just as important as her own! Because a pet’s overall health is directly linked to his or her dental health, Heather is absolutely correct. Heather had the usual clues that a dental cleaning might be needed, namely a buildup of tartar on Jupiter’s teeth, but dental X-rays also showed a hidden problem of a fractured tooth. Her advice to other pet owners: “You shouldn’t skip a year, and prevention is better than ignorance when it comes to your pet’s dental health.”

Sonny Boy Grout
Elaine knew that her beagle, Sonny Boy, needed our help when she saw that he had swelling inside his mouth, and she realized that his mouth must also have been sore because he was sensitive about eating and chewing. He was just not himself; not being interested in chewing on his toys was a dead giveaway.  When Elaine brought him to Dr. Kopec at Lowell Veterinary Clinic for an exam, he even cried during the exam because his mouth hurt. Dr. Kopec and Elaine agreed that Sonny Boy needed dental X-rays and a cleaning to get to the bottom of his discomfort and the swelling. Before his dental cleaning, Sonny Boy’s teeth were scored at a dental grade IV. After his dental cleaning, his dental score was a grade II! He’s back to his “old self,” playing with toys and chewing hard food again. Elaine’s advice to other pet owners? Don’t wait for pain and swelling to get your pet’s teeth cleaned. The cost of a cleaning is less than the cost of trying to fix dental problems later.