Apr 30 2012

Shaping Up for Better Health:

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We turn our attention to shaping up for summer every May.  Your pet’s doctor wants your pet to stay in shape too!  Pet nutritional and exercise trends may mimic human health trends. Did you know that the Centers for Disease Control estimate that 67% of American Adults are overweight and 44% of American pets are overweight as well? Excess weight results from too many calories and not enough activity.  Your pet can enjoy a healthy lifestyle with the right approach to weight management. Improve your pet’s skin, fur and body weight by knowing a few simple facts.  Read on for 10 Quick Fat Fighting Tips for Pet Owners.

The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) and Hills® Diets, have teamed together  creating a formidable team to fight pet obesity.   To learn more about the AVMA/Hills PetFit Program, visit www.petfit.com.   The best weight for any pet is achieved bycombining a high quality food + adequate exercise + regular veterinary check ups.QUESTIONS?  Call us at 978-454-8272/978-454-0044 or email us at info@wignall.com.   


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