Jan 04 2012

Pelham Brownies Scavenger Hunt at Wignall Animal Hospital


The scene was set for Wignall Staff to host Pelham, NH Girl Scout Troop 10213 on Monday, January 2, 2012. They arrived beaming with enthusiasm, scavenger hunt list in hand, accompanied by Troop Leader, Shannon Sprague, ready for the challenge to complete the list of animal-related items they had to find during their visit. While on many Wignall days, there is not only fur, hair and whiskers abounding– but also feathers, claws, scales, shells and quills—the scouts would have to take our word for those latter scavenger hunt items on this particular Monday! Dogs and cats stole their attention on this visit; but we hoped that they did notice our beloved “Meow Cow” statue who graces our front lawn because she does have hooves and this item was on their list.

Led by Veterinary Technician, Kristina, Troop 10213 made its way through the hospital. They visited all the patient treatment areas to get up close and personal with our staff and patients. After completing their hunt and our Wignall Basic Pet Care Class under Kristina’s mentoring, each left saying she wanted to be a vet. Now that is a good day!

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